Ms Florence Choo

Ms Florence Choo
PhD Candidate
Field of Research: 
Water Quality Engineering, Water Monitoring Processes, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Algae and Cyanobacteria
Contact details: 

Florence is completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) at the University of NSW. Florence undertook her honours thesis project on water monitoring and treatment, focusing on cyanobacteria and algae detection, the project is called "Validation of in vivo fluorescence probes for real time cyanobacterial monitoring". In the summer of 2014/15, Florence also worked on another related project on in vivo fluorescence probe calibrations and real time testing which will be based at University of New South Wales (Sydney) and the Australian Water Quality Centre (SA Water - Adelaide). She started her PhD studies at UNSW in August 2015 and was awarded the "Women in engineering" scholarship.