Algae Research Symposium 2015



Key note speakers were:

Dr Gayle Newcombe, Manager Customer Value & Water Quality Research, Australian Water Quality Centre, SA Water

Dr. Gayle Newcombe is the Manager Customer Value & Water Quality Research of the Australian Water Quality Centre and holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position at the University of South Australia. Dr. Newcombe pioneer research work described fundamental surface chemistry involved in the adsorption of natural organic material onto activated carbon. Gayle has worked in the drinking water industry for over 20 years, participating in, and leading, research projects investigating activated carbon treatment (adsorption and biofiltration) and oxidation of taste and odour compounds, NOM and algal toxins. She is the author or co-author of over one hundred publications - research reports, book chapters, conference papers, and peer-reviewed journal papers - on different aspects of drinking water treatment.


Professor Rocky de Nys, Project Leader - Macroalgal Biofuels and Bioproducts, James Cook University, College of Marine & Environmental Sciences

Prof. Rocky de Nys is Professor of Aquaculture within the College of Marine and Environmental Sciences at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. He has published extensively across a broad range of research fields including algal biology and chemistry, aquaculture, biofouling, marine natural products chemistry and chemical ecology. Much of this research is applied contributing to the development of the biotechnology applications and products. Rocky leads a large multidisciplinary research team of academic, research and support staff, and postgraduate students developing the integrated culture of macroalgae for the bioremediation of waste waters and the production of bio-products, with a focus on animal feeds, human foods, biochar and biofuels. As a research leader he plays the key role in managing the delivery of research, development and implementation to ensure effective translation of research to industry goals and commercial outcomes.

Organising Committee:

Dr Rita Henderson and Dr Arash Zamyadi, bioMASS lab, UNSW

Dr Bojan Tamburic, C3, UTS


Supported by: ARC Linkage projects  LP0990189 and LP130100033