The aim of the bioMASS Lab (Microbial Advanced Separation Systems Laboratory) is to develop and optimise separation processes as applied to microbial systems, such as microalgae, to improve energy efficiency and chemical consumption while delivering excellent performance.  Current research, funded via the ARC and water industry collaborations, focuses on the characterisation of algae and cyanobacteria cell system properties, investigation of coagulation and flocculation processes, improving understanding of membrane fouling by microbial systems, development of novel flotation systems for cell separation and fluorescence monitoring of processes designed for the separation of cells and metabolites.  

The vision of the bioMASS lab is to combine fundamental scientific and mechanistic understanding of microbial systems with the latest engineering technology to provide sustainable separation solutions for microbial systems for application in the water and energy industries.  

PhD Scholarships

UNSW is one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities and has a strong international reputation. Postgraduate research candidates undertake research through supervision with some of Australia's leading researchers to produce a thesis or other piece of written or creative work.  In the bioMASS Lab, there is support from experienced researchers enabling the development of laboratory and scientific writing skills.  To find out more about opportunities in the bioMASS Lab, visit the opportunities page.

Research Projects

EEM Image

Improved early warning, process optimisation and water quality

RO Plant

Optimising low-pressure membrane pre-treatment for desalination

Funding Source(s) and Period

National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia (NCEDA) Project: Funding Round 2 (2011-2013)

LC-OCD Image

Advanced water treatment technologies to minimise nitrogenous disinfection by-products in drinking water: understanding the role of organic nitrogen

Funding Source(s) and Period

ARC Linkage Project: LP110100548 (2011-2014)